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Am I too young for a hair transplant?

Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

“It’s just not fair!”  was the response of a teary-eyed patient during a recent consultation for hair loss.  “Am I too young for a hair transplant?” I hear that more often than you think.   It’s quite common for men as young as 16 years old to begin losing their hair.  In previous generations, losing your hair under the age of 25 was extremely disheartening. However, for Gen Z, it seems to be even more tragic than ever before.

Everything can be a challenge when you lack self-confidence, especially for young people at the beginning of their adult life.  Dating, college, or establishing a career can seem insurmountable for those who don’t feel good about themselves. 

Extra Embarrassment for Gen Z’ers

Because of the emphasis of social media, Gen Z’ers endure an extra level of embarrassment about their pre-mature hair loss because it’s magnified in unwanted photos and videos that pop up everywhere.    Young people with image issues often become withdrawn and reclusive, stop activities, and in some cases even become suicidal.

Why Are Doctors So Mean?!

It’s customary for a responsible, caring Hair Transplant surgeon to turn away patients under the age of 25. For patients so young, it’s too early to predict where and how much hair loss there will be or how many surgeries they will require.  As a person ages, hair loss patterns begin to appear, giving the surgeon a good indication of where the focus should be.  Hair transplants done prior to 25 could potentially leave the patient with an awkward tuft of transplanted hair in their frontal hairline and not enough donor hair to cover a large bare area behind it.  

Hats and Hiding:  Is That My Fate?

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Oh great, I’m doomed to hats and hiding for the next 10 years.”  Not so fast!  We Grow Hair does consider patients under 25 for hair transplantation if they meet certain criteria.  The best part is, that criteria will help you slow or stop your hair loss despite whether you are an actual candidate for surgery or not.  

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Criteria #1: Make Non-Surgical Hair Maintenance a “Forever Lifestyle”

If you are willing to do anything for a hair transplant you must be willing to prove that you are invested. It takes approximately 30 days to establish a lifestyle change.  At We Grow Hair, we expect even more than that.   Candidates must be willing to commit to non-surgical hair restoration for at least one year before considering surgery.   Your success depends on how well you can slow or stop your hair loss. We will only partner with you if you are willing to make non-surgical hair restoration a permanent part of the rest of your life

Some of the non-surgical hair restoration modalities include: Finasteride, Minoxodil, DHT blocking shampoo and conditioner, hair supplements, water filters, Laser Therapy, and Plasma Therapy. 

OK, I’m In, Now What?

You may be willing to commit to a regimen of hair maintenance for the rest of your life, however, that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a good candidate for hair surgery.

Criteria #2:  Young or Old, Is A Transplant Right for You?

How large is your area of hair loss?  What is your donor hair like? What is your scalp elasticity like? What is the texture and color of your hair? What do your parents and your grandparents look like (hair loss is genetic)?  All these questions and more must be answered in a thorough microscopic hair analysis and in-person consultation. 

Are you Ready? I Want This More Than Anything!

If you think you have what it takes to be committed, contact us to setup a consultation.