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Which FUE Device is Truly Robotic?

If it is hand-held, it is not robotic. The accuracy of a hand-held device depends on the endurance and accuracy of the person using it. Here in Tennessee there are many clinics that advertise their “robotic” FUE devices. We are the only clinic in the state of Tennessee to offer ARTAS Robotic FUE, a truly robotic device. What’s the difference?

4 Major Differences Between ARTAS Robotic FUE and All Other FUE Devices


The first harvest attempt is as fast and accurate as the 2000th harvest attempt. The speed of the ARTAS system is superior to manual FUE, shaving hours off the procedure. Both the medical team and the patient are less fatigued.

Hand-Held Disadvantages

The longer hairs are outside the body, the more change there is for the hair to die. Longer procedures jeopardize the survival of the hair. Longer procedures fatigue the medical team and the patient.


Manual and motorized FUE is no match for the high definition stereoscopic Vision System and limitless precision of the ARTAS robotic hair transplant. The biggest issue with non-ARTAS FUE is transection (accidental destruction of the hair follicle). Transection always means less than spectacular, mediocre results.

Hand-Held Disadvantages

You have a limited number of follicles on your head. Every hair counts. More transection means that hair is gone forever. Less hair means less density.


Out performing both FUT and FUE handheld devices, the ARTAS out-performs because of a sophisticated algorithm that makes better choices when choosing which hair follicle to harvest and how close the neighboring area will be.

Hand-Held Disadvantages

Poor execution could result in noticeable scars.

Cost & Results

Although the ARTAS may appear to be slightly more expensive than motorized or handheld FUE, the reality is that the ARTAS is more cost effective. Less transection and follicle destruction means significantly more hair and less surgeries.

Hand-Held Disadvantages

Poor execution could mean more surgeries and more destruction to the limited donor area.

It’s All or Nothing

ARTAS Robotic FUE is the first in its class. Don’t be duped by counterfeits.  If you have any questions about hair restoration, call us at 615-376-6010.

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